Bloomers is proud to provide plant solutions that keep your garden bursting with color and texture. Visit one of our SIX spacious greenhouses – a total of 16,000 Square Feet – filled with healthy Annuals, Vegetables, Hanging Baskets, and Planters. We would love to help you find the right combination of plants for your growing space.


Hanging Baskets and Planters

At Bloomers, we want you to have beautiful hanging baskets and planters that will last ALL season long. That is why we carefully select the flower combinations in your basket or planter to ensure that they are compatible in their growth and care requirements. Our careful consideration regarding plant combinations make it easy for you to have a successful growing experience!

For your convenience we also “color code” all of our hanging baskets and planters by their sunlight requirements. A yellow price tag is for those that require “full to mostly sunny” locations, a blue tag requires a “full shade, filtered sun or morning sun with afternoon shade” area, a purple tag requires “morning sun and afternoon shade” and an orange tag can handle “full sun to full shade”.



Annuals like Pansies, Petunias, Geraniums and Impatiens bring constant color to your garden and create exciting focal points. Whether it is a bright spot in a mixed container planting or a bold sweep of color in your landscape – annuals can provide the “wow” factor all season long.

At Bloomers, we can help you evaluate your growing conditions, color and flower preferences and gardening style. Then we make suggestions on the flowers or foliage plants that will perform best and complement your color palette while making a stunning visual impact.



Vegetable gardening is regaining popularity as people desire healthy, flavorful homegrown produce. You can grow a few vegetables in pots on your patio or fill up a large backyard plot. At Bloomers we provide a broad selection of tasty vegetables and herbs for your home garden.

If you have not planted a garden before, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you get started:

  • The location of your garden is very important. It should get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day.
  • If dogs, rabbits or deer roam your yard, some extra steps are needed to keep them out of your garden beds.
  • You will also need a game plan for weed control. There are measures you can take when you first plant your garden to ensure weeding is kept to a minimum.
  • Another important consideration is that all scrumptious vegetables are a direct result of quality soil. Getting your garden ready can be a challenge but does not need to be overwhelming. The end results are definitely worth your effort! Vegetables grow best in a well draining, rich, sandy soil with a pH level of about 6 to 7 (neutral-to-slightly acidic). Knowing your soil type helps to decide how to improve your soil’s condition. At Bloomer’s we carry test kits and all the necessary soil amendments to help you successfully grow delicious vegetables and herbs.

Get your garden right the first time. Let our experts assist you in planning your garden so you will have a bountiful growing experience.

This Year’s Vegetable & Herb Selections

Custom Orders

At Bloomers we know all too well how short our growing season is. That is why many of our customers take advantage of our “Custom Planting Program”. Simply bring us your empty planters in the fall or early spring, and we will plant them in our greenhouses while there’s still snow on the ground. What a nice way to get a jump start on the season! If you do not have planters you like or are ready for a change, we offer a large selection of traditional and unique planters to choose from. If you are not sure what plants will work for you, we will be happy to help with your plant selections to ensure you receive the look you want.

Early Bird Shopper, Pre-Pay & Holding Program

This program helps our wonderful customers get a jump start on summer! Come in out of the cold and enjoy our tropical oasis. If you choose to shop early, we will hold your items at no charge, for one week. If you should need to keep the plants with us longer we will care for and maintain your purchased plants for a small cost after that initial first week. Please read the policy below.

This program allows our customers to prepay and reserve hanging baskets, planters, and full same size and variety flats. (Watering needs for different plants do not allow the mixing of flat plant material for prepay and reservation.)

Prepaid merchandise will be cared for starting May 1st with no extra charge and will be given 1 week grace period after that.

To avoid maintenance fees- Bloomers encourages our customers to pick up prepaid and reserved merchandise by the end of the Grace period.

Merchandise left in the green house past this date will be charged a maintenance fee of $5.00 per hanging basket, planter or full flat per week. This Charge is assessed every Saturday after pick up date expires. Customers who have prepaid reserved merchandise agree to and are responsible for the maintenance fee incurred after pick up date has expired regardless of any circumstance.

Bloomers strives for excellent customer service. This program will help ensure that you get the merchandise you want but we cannot control every facet of reserved merchandise- Sold tags taken off , crop loss, etc. After specified dates, due to the amount of customers visiting our garden center, it becomes very difficult to police and care for held material. If prepaid reserved merchandise happens to disappear by some unknown act we will give you a full refund.

All items that are being held/ reserved MUST be prepaid.

Store Hours

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