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Our garden center is filled with trees, shrubs, perennials, garden art and accessories to make your gardening experience fun and successful. Whether you’re a “yardner” who is looking to create a beautiful outdoor space or an experienced gardener trying to solve a problem such as privacy, shade, or drainage – we are here to help! Stop by and tour our garden center – we know you will be captivated and inspired.



Year after year, perennials provide lasting beauty in the garden. From beautiful, old favorites to dramatic, new varieties – we offer stunning perennials to keep your garden blooming season after season. Each year Bloomers has a selection of approximately 300 varieties of perennials, including 50 different hosta to choose from. By selecting a diverse assortment you can have an exciting sequence of garden events that will delight you from spring until fall.

Try planting perennial flowers as a unique touch in your shrub or annual beds. One of the great joys of gardening with perennials is that they can be relocated. Most perennials enjoy being divided and reset every 3 to 5 years. By doing so, you can help rejuvenate your plants. Whether your growing area is dry, sunny, cool, or shady, we have a perennial just waiting to brighten your garden. Our knowledgeable perennial experts will help evaluate your planting location and select the right mix to provide the effect you want.

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Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

At Bloomers, we love landscaping but we realize how difficult visualizing the best design for your area can be. For those smaller projects, fill out our Design Form. Once you have filled out the form, stop by and have one of our knowledgeable sales staff help you draw up a personalized planting guide. Our staff always have great ideas, tips and advice so you can achieve the perfect look for your yard!

For those larger residential or commercial projects – we have a Landscape Design staff readily available. Our staff can: meet you on-sight, build a blue print and create a beautiful design specific to your needs. Fees for these designs will vary – so call today to get a quote!

Try Our Design Form For Help

Planting Services

Let us plant your tree for you! Make your life easier and give your tree a great start!

Services include:

  • Provide plant location markers
  • We give you instructions on how to have your underground utilities marked
  • Tree delivery
  • Dig the planting hole(s)
  • Amend planting site with compost and topsoil
  • Plant new tree(s)
  • Fertilize new planted material
  • Mulch around the base of the tree(s)
  • Perform initial watering

Planting service fees are based on the size and price of the trees being installed.

Garden Accents & Accessories

When you visit Bloomers you cannot help but be inspired! We offer a fun and unique selection of outdoor accessories to help you create that special look and feel you want for your yard, deck or patio. From whimsical to classical, we have garden art, planters, water features, statuary, benches and much more to help you transform your outside areas into magical wonderlands. We know you will find the perfect accent to get the exact look you want.

Since we are a garden center, above all else, we want your growing adventures to be successful. That is why we carry a nice selection of garden tools and accessories to make your time “playing in the dirt” more productive and enjoyable. We offer both organic and non-organic options for fertilizers, weed and pest controls and soil amendments to help your garden thrive and stay healthy.

Bulk Products

We offer several garden products in bulk for your convenience. If you are looking for rock, top soil, compost or wood mulch, stop by and check out our wide selection. You can bring your own truck or trailer, or for a small fee we will happily deliver them right to your home or commercial location.

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